Spoolsv.exe is a file which has many preconceived notions, presently, that give this file a horrible name. In this article, we will take a brief look at exactly what the computer error spoolsv.exe is, what it is used for, and what distinguishes it from other, more unsavory types of files. For our purposes we know that the spoolsv.exe is a file that can have some pretty seedy implications! It is best that we clarify the misgivings people often have about this usually harmless file.

What is spoolsv.exe?


In reality, the spoolsv.exe file is nothing more than a print spooler. It is actually a windows function that allows a printer link to your task manager. As the documents await printing, the spoolsv.exe file queues these documents in order to provide a specific order of tasks for the printer to complete. The major problems come into play with the actual misconceptions surrounding the spoolsv.exe file. Computer users often notice that when their computers are running slower than usual, the spoolsv.exe is on the top of the list for memory usage on their task managers. The spoolsv.exe does indeed use much of the available memory to complete tasks. However, this does not necessarily mean anything bad whatsoever. Just because the spoolsv.exe uses an inordinate amount of CPU processing power (sometimes more than 50% depending on the incomplete tasks waiting to be printed), does not mean that it is misusing the power or diverting resources, or hacking your computer. It legitimately requires a great of power to function properly.

Spoolsv.exe virus

There are times, however, when it would be prudent to examine exactly what the spoolsv.exe can do, negatively speaking. Due to the unusual amounts of memory the spoolsv.exe command or file requires to run, hackers have found that this is an excellent launching point for a trojan horse virus. The major problem for consumers is that how is one to know whether or not the spoolsv.exe is doing it’s job, or the job of the hackers? We can not know that unless we take several precautionary measures that allow us to understand exactly what the spoolsv.exe is doing at all times. First, if you suspect that the spoolsv.exe is unsavory, you should attempt to locate it using an advanced search. The file should be contained withing the system folder, because it was written into the windows program that way. However, if you find the spoolsv.exe in any other file or folder, no matter how innocent it may seem, it may be helpful to run a registry or computer scan to make sure you are protected and your secure files are not in jeopardy.

There is another way to catch the spoolsv.exe in the act, if it is of the negative type. When your computer begins running slowly and you think it is because of the spoolsv.exe, go to your task manager to make sure that it is in fact the printer and the spoolsv.exe that is using up the memory. To quickly access the task manager, hit the control key, the alt key, and the delete key at the same time. This shortcut should immediately take you to the task manager box. If the task manager does show the spoolsv.exe, cancel the task and remover the queue of documents waiting to be printed. If this does not solve the problem, then the spoolsv. exe tool has compromised and you are dealing with a trojan horse virus or another type of malware. Either way, this should be addressed at the computer owner’s earliest convenience to avoid any unnecessary complications. You may never know exactly what you have unless you go through the necessary steps. The official Microsoft site has additional info about how to fix a spoolsv.exe error. Another good resource you can check out is the article on Tom’s Hardware as well.

The most threatening part about the file is that it can either be a completely normal, harmless file, or a virtually undetectable but still extremely powerful virus.